Filing I140 - need to enter dependents details

Hello Anil,

While filing I140 application correct - do we have to specify dependents details for sure? My son is us citizen and my wife have her own h1. By keeping their info - will it impact their current status, etc.

Atleast they put NO in adjustment status and visa abroad.

Is it ok, please let me know at earliest.

Thanks much

I don’t understand your question. Who is asking you to fill dependent info and which form?

Who is filing your i140?

My company is filing the I140.
Do we need to add the dependent details on the I140 form? Is it must now ?

You have not answered my question.

Have they asked you to give dependent info for i140 form or you are making it up?

They are asking my dependent information and they also took their passport copies.
They did update the I140 Form and sent for initial review and that’s how I figured it out.

There is no harm in giving your dependent information but normally i140 is only filed for the primary H1B employee.

I am not sure if family information is really required or not at this time.

That makes sense. As long as keeping their information doesn’t impact their current visa status or override their existing status for example if my wife have her own h1 and gc process - does this override her current one?

Thanks sir as always for helping and educating people.

Ohh… so you are worried about their own status.

Don’t worry. That would not be affected by your i140. You are fine.

Ok great and thanks for the update
Much appreciated