Filling EOI what to give in (Date To) for for current job in employment details


What should I give in Date to Field whole filling EoI for current job current company where I am still working. should I leave as blank or should I give the current date or the date given for acs

For current working employer, you need to leave the “Date to” as blank and mark it “relevant/irrelevant” depending on whether you are claiming points for that work experience or not.

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Thank You Pooja,

One more question, what if the Skills Assessment has been done only upto a particular date and since skills assessment cannot be done for current employment and it is only upto the date of filing skills assessment or receiving it, in the case of Vetasses, but the EOI will be in que until a person receives an invite, can the period after the skills assessment date be considered as relevant work experience?

Kindly provide your insights on claiming the points for the difference work experience for the same occupation.

Hi @ArjunDayalan

Read this: