First H1B approved, Came out of country and Project got ended

Hi everyone,

Wondering if an employer can pickup my H1-B in this condition

First H1-B with Employer A - Approval Notice - Sept 2019 to December 2019
Applied for extension in December and got denial in March 2020.
Due to covid situation , couldn’t travel outside of country and approached lot of lawyers and finally h1b backdated to 3 years (First H1B)

Current Status - First H1B - 3 YEARS approved finally in jan 2020.
Came out of country due to some personal work . Not yet stamped.
In case my Employer A withdraw my H1B. Can I apply or do transfer in future. In case if employer A revokes or withdraws my H1B, is it valid for cap exempt in future or do I need to go through lottery .

My H1B is still active till september but is there any possibility to do transfer and extension outside country.

Wondering if you’ll have any suggestions - and if I can move forward with H1-B transfer. Please suggest.



It will be cap-exempt for the 6 year term of H1B.