First name not matching on DS160 and cgi profile

Hi All, I am applying for fresh B2 visa for my parents and brother. I have created cgi profile on my brother’s name and added parents to it. In the profile name i have missed to add middle name in First name. So in passport and DS160 my brother’s first name is mentioned as Piyush Kumar but in cgi profile I have mentioned it as Piyush. I have already paid the visa fee for all 3. Could someone let me know if this will be an issue at the time of interview. What can be done to correct the first name in cgi profile. Thanks.

Use ‘Provide Feedback’ option on the CGI Portal (your brother’s login) to reach out to Travel Docs Support and get it corrected.

Remember to attach a copy of your passport as supporting document for name update.


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Thanks Pankaj. Will do the same. Thanks for your help.