For Unix Administrator , Is it 263111 or 262113

How are the invitations for these two SOL as i could see 189 for 263111 and 190 for both 263111 and 262113 . And what state options do i have for 190 for these two codes. Please guide me.

Invitation points for each ANZSCO code are given here:

Please check yourself.

Good morning Anil

May I know the chance of invite for 190 visa with 80points and 491 visa with 90points for the job code : 262113(System Administrator)? How many months it would take to get an invite for the above points ?

Hi @Priyanka_Kamuni

When did you file your EOI and what is the date of effect?

Hi Anil

I haven’t filed my EOI yet. I’ve submitted my ACS on Oct 31st and waiting for its update, meanwhile I will give my PTE on 21st of this month.
I am just trying to understand the time duration of the state invitation stage(NSW).
I have calculated my points with minimum of 10 points in PTE and added 10 points for single as per the new points system which is going to be started from Nov 16th.

Please understand that invites change every month and it is not possible to estimate until you have actually filed EOI. Its a waste of time.

Hi Anil,

I am renewing my ACS and as per my agent I am eligible for these two occupations, 263111: Computer Network and Systems Engineer or 262113: Systems Administrator. Please can you advise which will be best right now to receive the invite?

@Anil.Gupta and other people on this forum, Any information here will be really helpful. Please Advice, I am on a time crunch.

Advise please.
which will be best occupation between 263111: Computer Network and Systems Engineer and 262113: Systems Administrator. now to receive the invite?