Form i-944 Self Sufficiency - US Green Card - Questions & Answers

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For i944 if the assets are for household (primary+dependents) should we attach bank statement for all members of family on each i944 packet (duplicating individual bank accouters as well as joint accounts?

Yes, attach the bank statements that prove the availability of those family funds.

Thanks @anil_am22 Sorry if I was not clear in my question. My query is if it needs to be two identical set of copies (duplicate) for each applicant even though the documents are being submitted in the same packet?
Primary i944 + dependent i944 seems unnecessary documentation if both are in same household and share resources.
Documents for Primary i944 = mortgage statement, BanA, BankB, IRA_a, IRA_b, etc ~100 pages
Documents for Dependent i944 = mortgage statement, BanA, BankB, IRA_a, IRA_b, etc~100 pages
or simply use one set of documents and arrange them as i994A>i994B>documents~100 pages?
(I know you didn’t need that much explanation but added that example for other readers:-)

I suggest to send separate copies.