Freelancing/Contractor ACS Skill Assessment

Hi everyone,
I have been applied Skill Assessment, all my experience and education have been positively assessed. However, the work experience in Australia worked as a contractor/Freelancer was unsuccessful. I have the following documents attached.

  1. Employer Reference letter
  2. Invoices to Employer
  3. bank statement with employer name and invoice deposit amount.
  4. tax document
  5. contract letter with the employer
  6. My personal ABN details

I asked for clarification and the reply is “have been found insufficient as there is no (a) statements from clients with details of the work performed and dates and (b)payment evidence showing regular income from self-employment, such as client invoices together with corresponding bank statements and/or official taxation records of the company.”

Is there something I am missing in this case?

Thank you, any help will be much appreciated
P.S. i have contacted Registered migration but they were unable to help as well.

Did any of the letter contains details of what work you actually did and did that work match your ANZSCO code?