Fresh application again when in Administrative Processing post 221g?

Hi Anil,

After dropbox appointment on March 30, my application status was set to refused on Apr 8th. I received white slip 221g asking for client letter and MSA/SOW. I was asked to email the documents. Fortunately I am able to procure them and my petitioner sent documents to consulate in email by Apr 26th. Its been 1 month, and no progress on the application.

I have family with US citizen kids in USA, and for medical reasons i wanted emergency appointment. And i am also exempted from the travel ban.

Since mine is one step ahead that documents are submitted, and is in administrative processing, i have no option except to wait.

But, can i submit new DS160 for the same petition and pay the fee, there by putting me in a position to atleast request for the emergency appointment for processing the new application?

I believe you can submit a new DS160 for same petition however VO may pose same questions and ask for requested documentation in 221g as they will see the ‘visa hold’ status on your prior application.

Did you take advice from your attorney?

Actually I haven’t asked attorney about it. Just figuring out what options i have now.

My thought process is, when i dropped documents for dropbox it did not contain any documentation pertaining to client such as client letter, msa and all the employee employer relationship docs. So they requested for them as part of 221g. Now when i get in front of VO atleast i have them readily available with me that i can provide immediately for their verification. Also, VO can obviously ask about existing pending application i can certainly state the fact that i applied again because it is emergency.

Again, its all my thoughts, works or not is what i am curious about.

I would consult my attorney and follow their guidance.