Future employment GC

I need your kind advise on my case. My case details are

I ha add filed my GC under future employment with an Employer A and My I -140 approved with priority date is Oct 2013. I never worked for this employer A.
I have been working for Employer B since 2013 and they have not fled my GC until
now and my H1B has been extended based on employer A I-140. Now my Employer B will be starting my PERM next month.
My questions are:
As my date is current in date of filing chart, can I request my my employer A to file the i-485 ? And once it is pending for 180 days, can my Employer B use it to file the 485 J? My worry is as my employer B is starting PERM now and it will take more than a year to reach the i-140 status and if the priority dates are regressed, I will have to again wait in the line. I prefer to continue my employment with employer B.
Could you please advise on this?

Many Thanks

Yes if employer A didn’t withdraw the I-140 after you left and still can offer the same GC job as mentioned in LC/I-140 with ability to pay the salary and is willing to file AOS.

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Thanks, Kalpesh. Could you please let me know how does it work from employer B perspective? Can employer B continue with PERM process and can they use my 485 to file a 485 j ? Appreciate if you could please advise on this.

If employer A can file your AOS, employer B can file I-485J to take over your GC process after 180 days of pending AOS.

Thanks, Kalpesh. Sorry one other question, As employer B initiated the PERM, if employer B is not ready to use the Employer A 485, will there be an issue with Employer B perm process? Could you please advise me the safe game plan here? Many thanks.

You either go with employer A filing I-485 and later on have employer B file I-485J or just go with employer B GC process, the later being slower. As your date is current, if employer A is ready to file AOS, I would just go that route.
There is no issue if employer A files AOS and employer B continue with the PERM process.

Thanks you very much, Kalpesh. Much appreciate it.
If I go with employer B, most likely my 485 will be filed in Aug /Sept 2023. Is there a risk of retrogression situation for me? Based on your expert analysis on the GC numbers, how do you see 2023 EB2 situation? Many thanks