Gap Between Education and Experience

Hi Anil,

Firstly, I would like to appreciate for your suggestions on all queries.

I was working with local company after my education and do not have salary slips for 1.5 years after my education, basically cannot prove payment evidence for that 1.5 years.

Can you please confirm if there will be any rejections if we do not show experience for 1.5 years after education and post that 1.5 years, I have all the payment evidence for 8 years of experience.

Another question is w.r.t to payment evidence , I can show my ITR for all years, for second payment evidence can we use combination of Pay slip and Bank Statement. As I do not have all pay slips of previous years (start and end of year) , if I add all bank statements, It’s crossing limit of 3 MB, tried so much, but if I combine pay slip for few months and bank statement for few months , it comes under 3 MB. Please suggest if combination of pay slip and bank statement is good for 2nd payment evidence.


This has all the information you need: