GC EAD Renewal - Answer for Current Immigration Status or Category?

Both myself and my spouse got GC EAD Approved and i485 receipt notice and we both are due for EAD(I765) renewal now. I have a doubt on Question number 25 which is “Your Current Immigration Status or Category”.

When I initally applied for GC EAD I filled the answer for Question number 25 as H1B for myself and H4 for my spouse. But now during renewal what should I fill in for both of us because H1B and H4 is still valid.

a. Should I fill in as “AOS Pending I485” will that impact my valid H1B for me and H4 for my spouse ?
b. Should I fill in as H1B and H4 as both are still valid ?

Are you using i485 EAD for work or still using H1B? That will define the current immigration status

Hello Anil,

Thank you for your response

I have not changed job after getting GC EAD, so I am still working under my H1B visa . But I am planning to switch job in near future which will nullify my H1B and my spouse H4. But this switch will happen after I send the renewal application to USCIS , So as per your response my understanding is me and my spouse need to fill in as H1 and H4 as the current immigration category even though we both have a pending i485 . Am I right ?

@Aravinth_Balasubrama : I need some help as ours is due in few months. Can you share your email ID or contact number please ?

arvinth.b@gmail.com. Let me know your query, I will respond if I know the answer

Hi Aravinth, Sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks