GC Estimate App - Oct 2015

Hi @anil_am22

I tried using GC Estimate app (GC Prediction App) available on the site and it says the possibility of my PD (oct 2015 in EB3) Category being current shows as March 2022 which sound great to ears :slight_smile:

My question is :

  1. I do not have an approved i140 with my current employer , in fact i may not be able to start with him since there is some organization wide perms not being filed with the current company. So i was thinking to go back to my previous employer. I checked with him and he has a position available that i can go back. What do you suggest in my scenario ? Appreciate any help with this situation.
    how much of a chance is there for becoming current in Filing date chart in next one yr ?
    If i go back , my salary might reduced by 25-30%. Just a confusion if its worth going to previous employer.

  2. how do i check if my previous employer didnt revoke my i140. I checked in USCIS portal with my perm/i140 reciept and it still says as approved. I am assuming that means its not revoked. Also i stayed with my previous employer more than 3 yrs after i140 is approved.

is there a chance he can still withdraw the i140 , even though it says approved in USCIS portal ? or any other chance , he might not be able to file 485 if i go back to him with any of the i140 related issue ?

I suggest to wait till Oct 2021 visa bulletin to see the direction where dates are going.

I think that they are still not counting all EB2 to EB3 downgrades and hence the dates are moving fast with each VB.

This should slow down a little starting Oct 2021 bulletin and we will know the actual direction it might go.

2015 in EB3 is possible but it will depend on how many people have actually downgraded and have got i140 approvals.

Your employer can withdraw i140 anytime. If they have withdrawn, they can still refile i140 using old PERM. So, you are safe there.


Hi @anil_am22 ,
I didn’t understand this part.

Is revoking and withdawing same or they different ?

I thought they can not be able to withdraw the i140 , if we stay with them for more than 6 months after i140 is approved. Is it still possible for them to withdraw i140 since i have stayed more than 6 months after i140 approval (i stayed close to 3 yrs with them after i140 is approved).

Uscis still shows its approved though with receipt number i see on i140

I am worried now , what if they withdrew the i140 and i don’t have new i140 with my current employer , what happens during my next extension with my current employer … ?? will the old employer’s i140 still works for multiple h1 extensions with any new employers , even if they withdrew.

Is there a way to check whether my i140 is withdrawn or revoked without contacting my old employer?

Thank you so much for clarifying the other part about the visa dates movement.

I140 can be withdrawn anytime but you can still use it if you spent 180 days.