GC: i765 EAD card approval before Biometric

Hi Anil,

We did concurrent filing of i140 and i485-AOS with EAD/AP around early October. Got i140 approval within couple of weeks. All receipts received. Got receipt notification about GC application moving application to NBC. i765 EAD card approved in 2 months and card received a week after that. No status change on AP or GC-AOS. No biometric appointment received.

  • Is it normal to get i765 EAD card before biometric ? Is this concerning ? Should we contact somebody ?
  • Can biometric be reused for actual Green card or it is a mandatory appointment ?
  • What is the timeline looking like for AP and GC approval after this these days ?


Its normal to get EAD without biometric completion.

You will get biometric appointment letter and that will be used for both AP and GC.

Thanks, Anil. Is it normal to not receive biometric appointment letter after two months of submitting AOS application ? Friends who submitted AOS around the same time always got biometric appointment before i765 EAD/AP and in one month ? Is there a place to raise service request ?