Get Australia study points even if in non-related program

Dear friends
Could you please clarify the question.
I am calculating point for 190, and get a tricky question…
I am a Public Relation specialist, 8 years of experience (+15 points) and Bachelor degree in highly related field (+15 points)

If I consider study in Australia, 2 year Master program, can I claim +5 points if this program will be DIFFERENT from Journalism or Public relations? For Example, If I study some Project Management, etc…

The main question, these +5 points for Master degree in AU will be given only if specialisation will be inline with profession or not?

Thank you in advance!

The study should be related to your ANZSCO code and not something random to get points.

But If I already have bachelor degree+work experience?
There is no requirement which says that Master degree to meet Australia study requirement should be totally the same field

Where can I read that it should be related to ANZSO?

Please check with official Australia immigration site for more information.