Get Skill Letter from TCS local HR in USA for US hire?

As per forum, I have contacted corporate HR ( for skill letter but they mentioned, they can issue skill letters for Indian employees.

Since I was hired in the US branch, they had requested to contact me local HR. But local HR is not helping or responding to my emails regarding skill letter.

Could you please suggest any alternate solution or whom I can reach apart from local HR for skill letter.

You should contact the corporate HR team and they will be able to issue you the skill letter. Did the HR deny to give skill letter on EMAIL? I have never heard of any such case. If you settle your ‘Full and final settlement’, they do NOT create any issue.

Thank you Anil for your response.

They had given standard letter since i was hired in US.HR was saying, standard letter was provided that tcs extends. Also my full and final settlement was completed. If i contact corporate HR, the same HR should not come ? Is it corporate HR email – Please confirm and advise.

Yes, thats the correct email ID, that i know of.

For local employees pls contact… and they will issue skill letter