Getting Married in USA on B1/B2 visa to a non immigrant on L1B Visa

Hi Team,

I am in USA on L1B, my home country is India and my long term fiancé is an Australian PR holder, currently residing in Australia but having an India passport at this time. We plan to marry soon, but due to travel restrictions in place, we cannot go back to our home country in India to get married. Hence we are considering options for getting married in USA.

Below are my queries:

  1. Can my fiancé travel from Australia to USA on a B2 visa for the purpose of getting married to a nonimmigrant on L1B visa status?
  2. Is it better to travel on an independent B2 visa as a tourist and then we plan to get married in USA?
  3. Can we file change in visa status to a L2 spouse visa after getting married from USA, or we have to travel to our home country or any third country to change the visa status?
  4. If we plan to change the visa status in USA only, will it hamper and create problems in green card process in future?
  5. Any other recommended options considering the scenario here?

Thanks in advance.

You are allowed to come to the US as a visitor with the sole intention of getting married as long as you dont plan to stay permanently in the US ( by filing AOS).

Yes, you can file COS from B2 to L2.

Should be no issues.

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