Getting new i94 at any CBP US border because of COVID19?

My employer found out last week that my i-94 expired 2 months ago with old passport.

My H1b visa is still valid until Aug 2020.

I am currently out of status & need to get new i94 ASAP.

I want to goto San Ysidro border but I am not sure if H1b workers are allowed to re-enter United States because of border being closed.

Thanks in advance

My suggestion is to file H1B extension using NPT (Nunc Pro Tunc) or you can visit the border and see if they can update i94 on the border.

There are not specific restrictions on entry for H1B visa holders.

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Thank you Anil for compiling the i94 wiki.

I was able to get new i94 today at Otay Mesa POE on US soil without having to cross the border.

I called ahead to see if the permit office was open because of COVID, since the San Ysidro CBP office is closed on the American side.


Hi Anil,

I have the same situation with my I-94 expired due to my passport expiration date. Can you please post the address where we can park the car to get into the office and Do we have to cross the border at all ?

Address depends on which border you want to visit.

Hey Vardhan,

I am facing a similar issue, and I need to get my I-94 extended. CBP/Deferred Entry location did not work out and I want to avoid filing an extension. I tried calling Otay Mesa border too, but no one answered the phone. Is it still open? I would have to fly from Illinois (not a problem), but I need to be sure if its open.