Got two job offers and both h1b transfers got approved

Currently working in Company A and got two job offers from company B and Company C(consultancy) both h1b transfers have got approved. Company B transfer got approved with i94 end date as 12/20/2022 and Company C transfer got approved with i94 end date as 03/01/2022. Company C transfer got approved after Company B transfer.

I am planning to join Company B(full time) and apologize the company C due to my fault.

My questions:
Am i good to join Company B without any issues?
if i will join Company B what would be my i94 dates because company C approved after company B petition?
Anyhow company C is going to withdraw my petition if i will not join, Does it create any issues to company B petition?

Thank you much for your answers

Hi Anil, Can you please review question and provide your insights

@anil_am22 Can you please check this one

you can join the company of your choice, there is no issues with that.

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