Green Card through marriage

I’ve applied for green card as my fiancé was a US citizen at the end of April of this year. I do check the processing timelines at different websites but it will be helpful if someone who is in the same boat as I am or someone who is working for a similar case to let me know what is the processing time for work permit, travel document etc? Should I be expecting to get the travel document and work permit at the same time as was suggested by my lawyer?

You need to check on the USCIS site.

Yes. EAD/AP is a combo card.


@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Yes. I’ve been checking that website. The thing is that for travel document, it says the estimate is 3 to 5 months at National Benefits Center and the receipt date for case inquiry is the end of March. Though for the EAD, the estimate is 8.5 to 9.5 months. So does that mean I might get my EAD/AP combo card sooner than 8.5 to 9.5 month?

Also its been 4 months but I’ve not received any biometrics notice. The normal time I see on different websites is 5-8 weeks. Does this mean that my biometrics are already in the system as I was here as a student? Or is this normal because of COVID?

You can open a case with Emma the chatbot and talk to a live agent.

Yeah. Chatting with Emma was not of any help. Though could you tell me what is the link that you shared “Send medicals to USCIS with receipt barcode” is for?

That’s an AD that’s running on this page.


biometrics are delayed and depend on the local USCIS service center backlog. In my case (San Jose, CA), we’ve been waiting for Bio for a long time. Our USCIS case receipt was Feb 16, 2021.
Called USCIS and even put a request to expedite on Sep 1st. The expedite request is also open for over 3 weeks. When we called the agent told us that right now Nov 2020 cases are being processed. Im not sure how accurate that is because ppl who filed later than us are getting the Bios done and even getting the EADs.
Will try to cal again and see what they say this time around.

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Oh I see. My USCIS case receipt is April 30, 2021 and I too have not received anything. The only answer my lawyer and the USCIS people have is the COVID situation going on right now.
Oh, so the people who filed after February 16, 2021 have started receiving their EADs? And how did you put an expedite request?

In some forums I have seen folks reporting getting the EADs (in some cases even interview scheduled) who filed in Feb or later.
COVID situation did seem to have created a backlog at local service centers and San Jose in particular is very busy.
There are two ways to put the expedite request -

  1. Call USCIS - mention “Infopass Appointement” or say “Biometric rescheduling” to get to an agent. It might take over an hour of wait time.
  2. Do it through your local congressman.

I have also read that #2 is typically done to expedite if Bio is already done. I didn’t get any clear direction on how to expedite if Bio is not done! so I just took a chance and called USCIS myself and they registered an expedite request which now reflects on the case status.

Oh really!! I know no one who received EAD or whose interview is scheduled who have filed in 2021. Could you please share the link of that forum.
I do not have any idea of #1 method but I did talk to my lawyer about the second one. She said that USCIS is considering expediting only in few cases even after getting it through the local congressman. One of the ways is to get a letter of support from your company highlighting why your inability to work is a loss for the company and your work comes under critical work. Even after that, its up to USCIS to consider if the case can be expedited or not.
What reason did you give USCIS for expediting your case when you talked to the agent?

I dont know anyone Feb/March filer personally as well who got their EAD or GC. But you can just search other popular immigration forums and for sure you’ll find a few. Most likely not from San Jose/Bay Area though!

Ha ha! Yeah that center is taking more time than the other centers.
Ok. Thanks for the information. I’ll check the other forums too.