Green Cards For Doctors, Nurses - Questions & Answers

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We are stuck in 2009, with 40 K more to the pool, how much more can the dates advance?

They keep on segregating people, what would doctors and nurses do without computer technology, equipment, and data handling/ networks in these times.

I worked for a Medical device company writing software for ICD devices, don’t I belong in the same pool as an engineer?

This is another ploy by dick Durbin to get sympathy votes and divide S386 supporters.

He gets maximum contribution by immigration lawyers to keep things broken

Each country has sovereign right to decide who it should allow to immigrate into.

US (country cap on GC) and INDIA (CAA) are both doing it.

Any other health care professional such as Physical therapist s are included or not?
Only doctors and nurses not other healthcare providers ??

At this time, it looks like only Physician Doctors and Nurses are included who are required to help with COVID-19.

All other physical therapist or healthcare providers are not included.

I will update if i get more information.

Hi Anil, kindly take data for nurses from NCLEX website. It will give very close picture. Nclex-RN is mandatory exam to practise nursing in USA.

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Dear Anil,

Could you advise, how would India number change, if H4 EAD, L2 visa Nurse and physician are included in this legislation. I know there are thousands of doctors and nurses on EAD, L2 working in USA