h-1B 240 day rule

My h1b renewal is undergoing regular processing. My visa expired on sep 3, 2019.

I got an rfe in january 2020. the rfe response was sent in mar 2020. but now due to covid-19 pandemic the premium processing has been stopped.

so we were unable to convert the rfe response to premium. my 240 days ends on april 30, 2020. will i be able to continue staying in the usa even if i dont get response from uscis before april 30?

i know i cannot work after that date, but do I need to convert to dependent h4 visa by that time? or is it legal to stay in usa till i get a response from uscis on my rfe ?

You can stay in US but cannot work if extension is not approved by 240th day.


Hope you are doing good , I am also on same boat and have the same criteria . Did you get you RFE response , How much time USCIS took to respond to your case.Please let me know my 240 days are ends on 27th may.