H-1B approval notice duplicate

Hi @anil_am22 : I have misplaced my latest H1B extension approval notice (original) but have a photocopy of the same, what is the procedure to request a duplicate original approval notice? Also, can I live with the photocopy instead of requesting a duplicate original for future extensions/transfers/GC process?

Thanks in advance!

You may request a copy from USCIS by filing I-824 request for a duplicate copy of approval notice.
Or you can simply use the copy you have for future applications. You dont really need original for any USCIS process as far as I know.

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Thank you, do you know if original H1B approval notice is required to enter USA from India a Port of entry or can is the photocopy of the same sufficient?

FYI, I have the Visa stamped in my passport corresponding to this approval notice.

Copy should be okay.

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