H-1B extension with I-94 expiry

Hello Anil,
My employer filed for an H-1B extension on 5/22/20 with the first H-1B expiring on 9/1/20. But my I-94 expired in December 2019, which was the date of expiry on my old passport. I received a new passport in January 2020 but have not been able to renew my I-94 stamp.
What is the impact of this on my H-1B petition? What are my options here?
Thanks for your help!

Did you tell your employer that your i94 expired in Dec 2019?

You cannot stay and work in US on H1B if i94 has expired and no extension was pending.

Have you discussed this with your Employer and attorney?

Thank You Anil!
Yes, I have discussed this with my employer attorney and they indicated that the following actions were taken last week:

  • submitted a petition to US Customs & Border Protection to extend I-94 until I-797 validity
  • submitted H-1B extension petition to US Citizenship & Immigration Services
    Is it possible for you to recommend an immigration lawyer where I can get a second opinion?

Thank You Anil!
Much appreciated.