H1 approved, H4 and H4EAD pending

I applied for h1 and H4 together on Oct 2nd, 2021, H4 EAD standalone on Oct10th with the H1 receipt number. My H1 got approved recently. H4 and H4 EAD is still pending, Both are valid till March 2022. I Have travel plans to India in Jan, if my H4 is not approved by then. Can I get H4 stamped with my approved H1 and enter back to USA. With the new i-94 will I get my spouse’s H4 EAD auto extension? What will happen to the existing pending H4?



EOS application may keep processing while you travel outside the US. Assuming H4 EOS gets approved after you enter back into the US, the only issue that may happen in your case is the H4 dependent will end up with two different I-94s , one issued by the CBP at the port of entry and the other attached to the H4 approval notice. This will not create any issues with your status but if you want to fix the issue you will need to travel to Mexico/Canada border and re-enter the US using the I-94 attached to the I-797 approval notice for H4 extension.

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Thanks… Your article was a little confusing. Your article says " You suggest to File H4EAD only after getting the new I-94" In my case I filled it before getting the new I-94

Sorry, not sure which article you are referring to.

Actually, H4 got approved. H4-EAD is still pending. Do I need to re-file H4-EAD with the new I-94 I got from the approval notice?

No need to file again for EAD. USCIS will be able to lookup in their system and they will know you got H4 extension and primary H1B approved. At most they can send RFE to submit the copy of approval notice for both H1B & H4.