H1-B Extension Denied and chances of approval in Re-applying


I need your help on below case

My H1-B extension got denied (California Center)
My Company is planning to re-apply for same Client and same location
I would like to know what chances it will get approved?

Also if in case it gets again denied will that impact while applying for another Client with Amendment?

Thanks you in Advance

Hi @Anjali_Belkar

Sorry to hear about your H1B denial. What is the reason for denial?

If you apply again without fixing the denial reason, then do not expect any miracles.

Each H1B application is evaluated separately based on the paperwork that you submit. So, an amendment will be judged separately from your current denial.

Thank you for quick reply.

Reason for denial was Specialty Occupation.

  1. Can we re-apply for same client with updated job description for Same Client.
  2. If second time it gets denied for same client then will it impact for applying any other new client.

Thank you

You can apply for same client again but I do not think that approval chances are better with updated job description.
USCIS would have already given you a chance to prove specialty occupation and were not satisfied with your response. Doing it again may not be fruitful.

The client does not matter in this case. The specialty occupation criteria is for the specific job position and its job requirements. You and your employer need to understand it or hire a good attorney to tackle this case.