H1-B Filing for 2023

Hi Anil,

If H1-B application has been picked up from 2 different employers for this year, how to proceed further please?

If they don’t use 2nd one, will we get that slot in 2nd round lottery?

Can you please respond Kalpesh or Anil

You can file an H1B application for both selections.

You don’t get the second selection. They will give chance to the waitlist in the next round.

Thanks for your response.

I got a call from my h1b petitioner that my application is picked up in lottery but they didn’t share any confirmation yet and they are asking to pay the h1b filing fees . When I asked about I-797 C notice of action, She is saying that I-797 C will be generated after paying and submitting the h1b fees. Can we trust this?
How can we validate the I-797 C whether it is genuine or not?

Per INA, employer is responsible for H1B fees, not the beneficiary so beware of employer who ask the beneficiary to pay H1B fees. There have been many scams in past.

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