H1-B legally status with 2 location petition approval

I joined a new Company on Feb they filled my H1B petition transfer in premium for client location A and after petition transfer approval they filled amendment as I was working from home in different location B with got approved after 2 months.
Today I have 2 approval notice with both location but last month I relocated to client location A which was initially approved.

Question : Do I need to raise an amendment or my previous approval notice should be good to stay here in location A.
Additionally, Client and roles are same.

The latest amendment will supercede the last one so yes you need to file another amendment if you change location (different MSA) that is different than the one in the most recent amendment.
Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer.
Make sure you file AR-11 once you move to new location

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Thanks Kalpesh your response it means a lot for me.
I have already relocated to new location without Amendment. It just been a week. I have previous petition for this location so my manager said no need as Amendment but I was having doubt so posted this query here.
I haven’t update AR-11 form yet.
I read we have stay max 30-60 days without Amendment is it true. Mean while I will request my employee to fill Amendment but however it will take 2-3 week for them to fill.
Is in am in bad situations or I will good if my employee fill the amendment in 2-3 weeks?
Please help me I have relocate with my family.

Ideally your employer must file amendment before you start the work at new location.