H1 B stamping with Class C public intoxication case Texas


I was arrested for public intoxication case for few hours and released. Attorney suggested deferred disposition and case is dismissed. Will get it expunged as well. I don’t have any prior arrests or anything. Clean record

I’m planning to go to H1B stamping in March with Drop box option.

1 - Can I submit my case related documents with the drop box application?
2 - What are the chances of 221G. If 221 G will it be an interview or I just need to send the case related documents in email?
3- If interview then new appointment date will be allotted or I need to start again for new appointment?

Appreciate anyone’s inputs or suggestions on this.

Thanks I’m advance

The chance of getting form 221g is high in this case.

Thanks for your reply @anil_am22 . 221 G mean requesting more documents or interview ?

Anyone has similar situation or any update on this?

thanks @anil_am22 , 221 G means email submission of documents? also, can I submit dismissal documents in drop box too

@sam_M5 Any updates on this one yet?