H1 B Transfer issues

need urgent help :
I am currently on H1B, serving my bench period. If I don’t get a job, my H1 will be revoked by the end of October. So how does the grace period work? Will I still be on H1 and eligible to transfer during the grace period? Or my H1 will be revoked and I’ll have to find new employer to sponsor my H1B and basically go through the cap process again next year ? And what happens if I transfer my H1 before the bench period is over and get RFE ? In that case when will the grace period start ? What are my options at the moment ? Also my current I-94 is valid until June 2023

Once H1B is approved, all subsequent transfer/extension within the 6 year period of H1B are cap-exempt. If your employer files for GC and you have I-140 approved, your employer can keep extendingyour H1B beyond the minimum year term.

RFE needs to be responded in the stipulated time period defined in the RFE by USCIS.
If you dont get H1B job, you may change your status to H4 if your spouse has H1B. If this is not an option, and you dont want to leave the US you may apply to change status to B2 and then find H1B employer and change back to H1B.