H1 expiring in aug 2021 and h4 ead expiring in sep 2022

Hi Anil and all ,

My h1 expiring in august 2021 and my wife ead expiring in September 2022 .
Can she work beyond august 2021 or she should wait for new ead .

Your question in not clear. Are you filing H1B extension?

Am filing extension but my question is in regards to my wife h4 and h4 ead . My h1 expiring in aug 2021 and her h4 and ead expiring in sep 2022 . Am filing h1 and h4 together . Am filing h1 in premium and expect to get extension before august 2021 . Given the slow processing time of h4 , can my wife work after aug 2021 if her h4 is not approved by then .

Your wife can use a valid H4 EAD as long H1B and H4 statuses are maintained.

If you file H1B amd H4 extension before current i94 expiry, then your status is maintained and H4 EAD can be used as long its valid.

That’s a great point . But her h4 also valid till sep 2022 . So I94 also valid till then . But my attorney says this might be a USCIS mistake and she should not take advantage of this as my h1 expires in aug 2021 . Am confused if she can still continue her job while h4 extension remains pending . I filed h4 and h1 extension this week and it might take 8 months to get h4 extension approved .

Please advise on this

So you mean , if I file h1 and h4 before i94 expiry then she can work until h4 ead validity even thou h4 extension in progress ?