H1 Extension PP Approved, H4 will take time. Need Guidance for H4 Stamping - With Old or New?

I received my H1B extension approval today with Starting Validity Date: 07/22/2022. My current H1 stamping expires 1 day prior - 07/21/2022

I have a query

  1. My dependents ( Wife and Son ) didn’t travel outside USA during last three years and their last stamping expired on 03/06/2019.
  2. For both, previous H4s were approved until 07/21/2022 and their I94 validity date is until 10 days after - 07/31/2022 but passports are not stamped.
  3. We applied H4 extension along with my Premium H1B last week, but H4 approvals may not come for next 6 months.

In this scenario, if we travel to India to get our Visa stamped before July ( let’s say April 2022) can we get their Visa stamped without their new H4 approval ?
What would the validity for their H4 Visa ?

Little more background : We applied H4 EAD in Sep and that may come by March and next EAD was applied last week so the earlier EAD will expire before the next one comes.

H4 don’t need their I-797 for visa stamping. Instead they can use primary H1B I-797 along with other H4 supporting documents.
The visa may be issued with validity up till primary H1B I-797 expiry or 3 years whichever is less. When the H4 enters the US, their I-94 (issued by CBP at POE) validity should match primary H1B I-94.

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