H1+H4+EAD filed concurrently - will approval be faster due to covid-19

Recently submitted documents for H1+H4+EAD to Vermont Service Center a few days ago. I just noticed that the USCIS has already encashed the 410$ EAD fee. Does that mean anything? I saw a post on here which says the USCIS is approving faster right now due to this covid situation?

Many people have reported that their H1B application was approved within 2 weeks of filing.

But H4 and EAD cannot be approved without first completing the biometrics. SO you might get H1B approval but not the H4+H4 EAD as biometrics are closed right now.

Thanks for your inputs. Do you know if they are sending out Biometric appointments for a later date even though USCIS office is closed? How many days after receiving the application do they send this biometric appt letter?

Ok, Yes, I don’t we have biometrics done previously for H4 in USA I think. The last time was 3 years ago and biometrics was not a requirement at that time. So I guess the only option now is to wait for the ASC to open. Thank you for your response.

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