H1 to H4 and continue to work until H4 is approved

I am on H1B with I-94 until 09/2022 with my current employer, due to uncertainty at work I am planning to move to H4 under my spouse . Does any one know if I can continue to work on H1B until H4/H4EAD is approved (currently its taking one year to get H4/H4 EAD approval).

It depends on what H4 start date you request in the H4 application.

Hi Anil Appreciate for your response

I was on H1B with i94 until Sep 2022 with an employer until Jan 10 I was laid off so I have applied for H4 with a start date H4 of Jan 18. Currently I am interviewing for Jobs I want to know if I am eligible for applying for H1B with another employer while H4 change of status is pending as H4 COS is taking 8 -12 months this days.

You get 60 days to find a new H1B job. You should have waited for at least 55 days or requested a H4 start date with a later date.

Now, if you get H1B approval, you may withdraw the pending H4 COS application.


I understand you want me to wait until H1B and do a withdrawal.

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Thank you very much appreciated .