H1 to H4 COS: Online I-539 (No Lawyers, single applicant)

I do see that I-539 can now be filed for COS to H4. My wife is on H1 that expires on July 15th and we were planning to file for her COS to H4 (based on my approved and stamped H1 visa that expires in 2022)

She was able to login and fill the form upto the review/submit.

Has anyone used this before?

What is your exact question? Nobody can help if you do not ask to-the-point questions.

Hey Anil. I was reading through one post on am22tech and saw a response that H` to H4 COS can NOT be filed using I-539 online form. This confused me because my wife was able to create an online 539 application for herself (H1 to H4 COS). So I just wanted to double check, we are doing the right thing and she can indeed file the COS using I539 online option (allows you to upload documents and submit)

Where did your read it?

H1B COS needs to be filed with I-129 and H4 COS can be filed using i-539.

If it has been written somewhere, then we need to correct it.

Hi Anil. I understand. My question was specifically about using i539 online option to change status to h4 from h1. There is no clear guidance I could find on it.

E.g. your i539 sample link has this

“If you need to change your status like changing from H1B to H4, you need to file a paper form”

Is this true? I was able to create online i539 application on uscis for h1b to h4 cos and uploaded my documents but haven’t submitted it

I am not sure what you are writing and what you mean.

Please read your content once before posting it.

Which application are you trying to file?

H1B to H4 or H4 to H1B?

I am not sure what part is not clear. I clearly said the question is for “H1 to H4” (read the subject of the thread) and can I file i539 “online”