H1 Transfer after Withdrawal

Hi Guys, I would like to know if someone faced similar issue. I have H4-H1 approved this year from employer A and they are withdrawing it since they want to keep me on h4ead… Can I still transfer my H1 to Emplyer B?

(So far no pay stubs on H1 from employer A since itbis still October 2021)

I am afraid if no payroll ran on H1 and it doesn’t kick in would I lose H1 completely and would have to go through lottery again?

Thanks in advance!

There are cases where USCIS has approved H1B change of employer even if the cap-subject first time H1B wasn’t activated. It just depends on the adjudicating officer so I would say there is no harm in applying for H1B transfer if you can find a sponsoring employer.

Thanks Kalpesh! Appreciate the reply!!