H1 Transfer before i94 expiry - Chances of consular process

Hi Anil, could you please share your opinion on this scenario?

Employer B initiated and submitted my transfer petition with USCIS before my i94 expiry date i.e. 19-Jul-2021 while H1-B extension with employer A was pending. But Now I got an H1 extension approval with i94 04-Apr-2024. In this case h1 transfer petition filed with I94 as 19-Jul-2021 what are my chances to get H1 transfer approval with consular process, because with this situation I don’t want to go for visa stamping.

Are you currently in the US or in India?

I am in US and joined Employer B on receipt.

Not sure why you would go for consular processing already knowing the travel ban and unavailability of visa appointments.

You should simply wait for the approval. Go for premium processing if not done already.

Thanks for your opinion, I am not going for consular process just checking chances of getting approval with consular process.

Chances for getting your visa approved is anybody’s guess :-), 221g are painful…