H1 transfer + extension questions

Transfer + Extension Case

Current petition with Employer A valid till 30th June 2020, I-140 approved in 2015

  • H1 Transfer filed with Employer B on 4th May 2020 to Vermont S. Center in normal processing
  • Transfer Receipt received on 16th May for both H1 and H4, approvals still pending
  • H1 Extension filed with employer A on 20th May 2020 to Texas S Center under normal processing, approvals pending
  • Receipt received only for H1 extension and but we haven’t received it for H4 dependents yet.


  1. Are we supposed to get H4 receipt for both transfer and extension or just for the first application?

  2. Will USCIS treat the H1 transfer application as bridged petition i.e. the approval of transfer will be contingent on extension results?

  3. If I have an option to convert to premium which one should I convert to premium the transfer or the extension ?

4 Can I use h1 transfer receipt to renew driver license

Appreciate any help on the above questions!

Bridge depends on i94 validity which you have not mentioned.