H1 transfer/extension while H4 + EAD is pending

Hi all ,

I have a query is it possible for H1 transfer/Extension while H4 + EAD case is pending with Uscis

I was on an H1-B Employment visa from March’2012 to Nov’2018, During my H1B tenure my previous employer did initiate my Green card process and I have an approved I-140.

During my last H1B Extension process (Nov’2018), my application was denied due to which I had to go back to India. However, since my spouse is a H1-B holder, I re-entered the US back with H4-visa and I-94 validity was valid till Nov’2020. After coming to the USA we applied for H4 EAD and got it approved until Nov’20.

Currently, my H4 and H4 EAD application is with USCIS and no information on estimated approval date. This application was filed along with my spouse’s H1-B extension that got approved in Jan’21.

I wanted to know if I get a job offer from a company is it possible to file for H1 with my Approved I-140 while my H4 + EAD are pending.

Thanks !!