H1 transfer for multiple company

Hi @anil_am22

I am currently working for company A with approved H1 until 2023 Jan and having approved I140 with employer A itself

Now , company B given me an offer and they filed H1 transfer in normal processing. I will be joining them next week after received the H1 receipt(they don’t do premium unless I pay , which I did not opt )

Now company C is interviewing me and they confirmed they will be ready to hire me (yet to get offer letter ), they will also do H1 transfer in premium

Could you please let me know if you see any problem if I join company B (while H1 transfer approval pending )then company C (premium processing)? I don’t want to miss out company B since company C did not even given me offer letter

If all goes good and company C give an offer , Do I need to wait until H1 get approved with company B to file for company C?

Also is there any rule that we must have to be employed in a company for a specific time (let’s say 6 months ) before we join next company under H1 transfer? Because in case company C does H1 transfer in premium, I would have to join them immediately after joining company B

Thanks in advance for your help !!

It is not recommended to start working on receipt. If the transfer gets denied you might get out of status.

It should be okay for company C to file transfer petition while you are working with company B on receipt provided your current employer do not withdraw your H1B before company C files for transfer.

You will need to wait if your current employer withdraw H1B before company C files your transfer.

There is no such rule, you can change employer the next day.

Thank you for the details explanation!