H1 transfer Questions


need some urgent help with below question:

my friend got an offer from company A and he is joining this week… his reason for move is GC, since his max out is nearing… company A said they will start GC in 3 months now he got an offer from a different company this week and they are starting GC day one…

My questions are

  1. Can he join company A and quit in 3-4 weeks and join new company
  2. For new company if they ask for pay slips can he give the existing companies pay slips though he will be joining company A this week


Most recent pay stubs needs to be provided, mo matter what employer.

Thanks Kalpesh, one more question. The company he is joining said they will give the petition in 2 weeks, however the other company he got offer from has requested for all the H1 documents… should he wait and give the latest i797 or can he provide the old companies i797 which is still valid until 2023…

He can provide the one with current employer.

Thanks a lot, this helps!