H1 transfer while amendment in progress. Last Action date

My current employer wants to file a role and location change amendment in this month since i moved to new project in a different role. My current approved I797 is till Sep 2023 and last visa stamp expired in 2018.

Here are my questions, appreciate any help:

  1. What if I get a new job and file a H1B transfer to the new employer while the role change amendment in progress? Will it be an issue with H1B transfer and are they any implications?
  2. Lets say my H1B transfer to new employer is approved first and followed by that the H1b amendment with current employer is approved. Does that have any impact to transferred H1 since amendment was the last action taken?

No issues. You can have a pending amendment and a change of employer petition in parallel.

No issues. Once the change of employer petition is approved, you can join the new employer even if the amendment was approved after the transfer.

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Thanks Kalpesh for the prompt response.