H1 Transfer while H4 EAD Pending

I am working on H1 B with Cisco Systems. I have my perm, i-140 approved and Ive just filed for H4 EAD for my wife.

If I switch jobs now ( I will have to refile i140/perm) ; but does this effect in any way my wife’s pending H4 EAD ( as H4 EAD is only applicable if i140 is approved)

You can keep using your current I-140 for H4 EAD renewal as well as H1B AC21 extension beyond 6 years, no issue. You need I-140 approved from the employer who will file for your AOS when your PD becomes current.

USCIS may send RFE at the time of adjudicating the EAD application to submit the copy of new I797 for H1B and H4 if you moved to new employer before the EAD is approved or simply approve it till the validity of current H4.

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