H1 Transferred without Stamping but got denied in consulate

I had got my H1 approved in 2017 but didn’t go for stamping also not travelled to USA … but recently got transferred and I went to stamping and got denied … can I still use my old employer petition(only I797 I had no stamping) for another transfer ?

What is the reason of denial?

You do need visa stamp in the passport to enter the US.

@anil_am22 employer didn’t respond to 221G also it is completely their poor documentation … my question is can I still transfer with my old approved petition which is not stamped also not travelled ?

Unless US embassy has sent your petition for withdrawal to USCIS, you should be able to apply H1B transfer.

@anil_am22 I hope you understand this properly … this petition is revoked … my question is can I still use the old expired approval copy for H1 transfer ?