H1B 2021 Lottery- My status shows submitted, others are getting result

Hi Anil,

I have one doubt about the recent H1B 2021 lottery results, I see that people getting their lottery results from yesterday.

Can currently submitted status. Could still change to selective by March 31? Mine is still showing as submitted as of this morning, and there are lots of people on Facebook that keep getting regular notices from their employer and their statuses get updated from submitted to selected, throughout the day today. What would be your thoughts on this?

As per official news notice, the status will remain “Submitted” until the end of fiscal year i.e. Sep 30, 2020.

People will keep getting “Selected” status as and when USCIS selects them. Most people will receive selection notice by Mar 31 though.

Many people have already got the notice. Your status may change by Mar 31 too.

If the status does not change by Mar 31, 2020, there is no need to worry as you will still be in the waiting list till Sep 30, 2020.

Thanks for reply Anil, My doubt is already selection process is done as per USCIS and some people already go their notices, Due you think still their is a chance for USCIS to update until 31st march.

Did you actually read what i wrote?

For more information, read this:

Yes Anil , I did not understand this line (People will keep getting “Selected” status as and when USCIS selects them)

Read the article. I have clarified more points.

Thanks Anil that was really helpful

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