H1B 221g Admin Processing pending - will US embassy process visa?

Hi Anil,

I am currently in India, completed Visa interview in March, received 221g Administrative processing and was waiting for consulate to open back.

I had H1B visa interview completed on March 05, 2020 (this is stamping for H1 extension valid until 2022).
Was given 221g Administrative processing (no additional documents asked).
Had client verification done by Mar 11.
Consulate closed on Mar 16 and my stamping got stuck.

Once consulate opens, will they continue to process pending 221g to provide pending decision for H1B?

Will Consulate do H1 Visa stamping on the pending application now (until Dec 2020)?

In my opinion, if at least stamping process is complete, I can plan to travel to US once restrictions are lifted.

As per current available information about travel ban, the US embassy should stamp your visa but you may not be able to enter US till the ban is active.

Hi sagar, I have the same issue as yours. Did you get your passport stamped yet?

Hi Shyama,
I received email from Chennai consulate in mid Sep to submit recent dated letter that my presence is needed.
Sent new client letters in last week of Sep.
Still waiting for reply.

Good. Hope you will get your visa soon.

Thank you for your response sagar. Hope you will get your visa stamping done soon.