H1B - 221g Blue Slip - education degree, transcripts, how he paid rent?

Hi Anil,

My husband appeared for H1B visa stamping interview on January 8th 2019 at New Delhi.

He was given 221g blue slip asking many documents like LCA, tax returns, H1B Approval. He was full time employee in US.

He submitted documents in April 2019 and received email in May 2019 to submit additional documents related to his education like degree, transcripts, how he paid rent?

We are arranging these but want to ask that why they asked additional documents though they have degree and other educational documents already with them?

Also what are the chances of approval after this 2nd time query?

It seems that US embassy has strong suspicion on the employer and the degree certificate and claims used in H1B approval.

Is your husband working in an EVC model or full time with direct client?

Hi Anil,

I am working in US since March 2015 on H1B. I changed my employer last year and got my H1 transfer approval till October 31,2019.

Appeared for visa interview on 20th May and given 221g with documents request. Company’ tax and employees details, my W2s, resume, tax returns, client letter etc. Submitted all the documents on 21st May.

Received email from us travel docs asking to send all the documents as they received partial documents. Submitted again on 10th June and case status got updated on 11th June on CEAC. My client got verification email on 14th June and they responded same day.

Embassy received the response from USCIS on 17th June. Till now there’s no update from embassy. Sent email to us travel docs and received standard response to wait.

Any idea how long can this wait be?

Hi @Jazzybang

Have they kept your passport or returned it?

They returned it after the interview

Hi @Jazzybang

If they have returned your passport, then the chances are high that it will take about 6 to 8+ weeks.

Hi Anil, since my petition is approved till October 31 this year, can I request my employer to file for extension while I am waiting for administrative processing in India? Is this ok or may further delay my case processing?

Hi @Jazzybang

You can file extension while you are waiting for visa stamping.