H1B 6 yr max out in 1 month, can't go to India due to travel ban

Hi Anil,

My H1B Visa is expiring on 30-APR-2020 (I-94 Date is 10-MAY-2020). I had planned to travel back to India in the 3rd/4th week of April 2020. But, looking at the current situation on how the COVID-19 is spreading and India imposing lock-down, suspending the International/Domestic flights. I am very scared and doubtful at the current scenario that I may not be able to return to India before my H1B visa expires.

Please note that I will be maxing out my 6 year term of H1B by 30-JUN-2020 and my very recent/latest H1B visa extension got approved only until 30-APR-2020 (I-94 Date is 10-MAY-2020) and my employer is not willing to raise a new H1B extension just for 2 months (due to the time constraint, project stopped and many other billing factors).

Could you please guide what are my options in this current scenario in order to ensure that my stay in USA will not become un-lawful?

**Please note that my employer is an Indian MNC and I am in USA as a depute on H1B visa and I will still be working for the same employer even after going back to India.

Kindly advise.

If you can’t travel, then we suggest to file H1B to B2 visa change of status application before your i94 expiry.