H1B 6th Year and PERM processing time for file extension?

Hi Anil,

I will be starting my 6th year of H1B from 15th March 2019 and my employer filed for Prevailing Wage Determination on 12th February 2019. My 6th years completes on 15th March 2020. Do you think I will be able to get the I140 approved in premium before 15th March 2020 and apply for Visa extension. Do I have enough time ?


You should be able to get your PERM and I 140 approved before Feb 2020 if you file i140 is premium.

I don’t see an issue.

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Thanks Anil. Much appreciated.

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Hi Anil,
I am nearing my 6th yr of h1b and still 14 more months left to maxout and my current employer will not sponsor gc.

I have new offers with different enployers who is ready to file gc afteR 3 months of joining with them.

In realistic situation is that possible to determine prevailing wages advertising and file perm get approved and file i140 in pp.

whether all this can happen within 11 months of time before maxout??
Pls help to with your response

Hi @Kprasanna85

14 months is enough time to get the PERM and i140 approval in premium.

Thanks anil… 14months is what i left from now and the new employer says they will start gc after 3months by that time i will have only 10-11months left… is tat enough to get perm and i140 starting from scratch.

Hi @Kprasanna85

You will be on the edge with 10-11 months.

Got it!!
thanks for your response Anil