H1B 7th year extension

I hope you guys are doing well. I have an immigration query where my 5th year starts on May 5th of 2023 out of 6 years on H1b, and my H1B max out date is May 5th, 2024. My perm has not been filed yet, and now the attorney is saying they can file the perm around May 13, 2023, instead of before May 5th, and asking me to go out of the country to recapture the time when they apply for the extension around next year Feb 2024. So in these circumstances, will I be able to get the 7th year extension even if I apply perm after the 5th year start date with a recapture time of, say, 15 days?

Could any one please suggest if I will be able to get a 7th-year extension of my perm is pending at the time of applying with the above circumstances

Thank you in advance

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