H1B Accidental request for withdrawal and reinstatement + New backup petition

Hello all!

My employer submitted a letter to USCIS to withdraw my H1B petition accidentally few days ago due to a clerical error. They immediately mailed an amendment to USCIS within a week of them receiving the first letter. In this second letter, they notified USCIS of their mistake along with supporting documents showing I’m still on an active assignment. I have a valid H1B stamp till Oct 2022. I’m planning to travel in Jan 2022, to and back from my home country.

  1. The legal team will soon be applying for a new H1B petition just in case and mailing me the approval notice. Do I need re-stamping of my visa in this case?

  2. Is there any way for me or the legal team to check the status of my first H1B + Approval notice, whether it is active or invalidated? Instead of me finding out when I travel.

Visa can be used till its expiry, you don’t need a new stamp unless you want to extend the validity of your visa.

Your legal team can talk to USCIS agent to confirm,